Chargers Vs. Raiders Oct.9th.2016

raidersOn October 9th the Chargers and Raiders faced off against each other in a grueling and close match. The Chargers fought hard against the Raiders but ended up losing to them with a score of 31-34. Many great plays were made by both teams. Im the first quarter, there wasn’t much points scored with the Raiders only getting a field goal. But in the second quarter the Chargers scored a total of 10 points and the Raiders only scored 6 and by half time the Chargers were leading by 1 with a score of 10-9. With the game close in the beginning of the 3rd quarter both teams fought hard but in the end the Raiders scored 18 points with a total score of 27 and the Chargers scored 14 with a total score of 24. With the end of the game closing in the Chargers fought hard and went out with 1 touchdown but the Raiders came back with one too! Thus ending the game with a score of 31-34 with the Raiders sealing the game.


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