Spurs Vs. Warriors 10/26/16

san antonio

The Warriors took a devastating loss against the Spurs. As this was the start of a new season, both teams were fresh and strong. The Spurs at the end of the first quarter had 31 points and the Warriors didn’t stand a chance against their hard defense with only a small score of 20. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant had no chance since their team weren’t working together very well. The game ended with a score of 100-129. The Spurs outplayed and outsmarted the Warriors most likely with their strong defense. The Warriors may have thought that their offense was the strongest in the NBA but they forgot a strong defense leads to a strong offense. The Warriors had many mistakes throughout this whole game whilst not playing very good defense and letting the Spurs take easy points on them. Kawhi Leonard had such good defense against the Warriors and stopping them. San Antonio also had much more rebounds with 55 and Golden State with a mere 35. Golden State also weren’t shooting very good 3 pointers and were missing a lot whilst the Spurs were draining it on them with a total of 12 three pointers while the Warriors had 7. This game showed the Warriors that they need to work on their defense and offensive plays. The Spurs all they need to work on is winning that’s it.


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