The Magician- Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho was once the greatest player in the world. He is a Brazilian football player who, during his prime, played for the club team FC Barecelona. He played for Paris Saint-German in 2001 just before he played for Barcelona. Ronaldinho was invited to play in the 2002 FIFA World Cup for his national team, Brazil. Ronaldinho and the rest of the Brazilian team went on to win the World Cup, beating Germany in the finals. The World Cup title is the biggest title a national team can win. Ronaldinho was a huge part of their win. It was Ronaldinho’s life-long dream to join the FC Barcelona, and in 2003, he did so. He wore the jersey #10. This number was usually only worn by the team’s best/most creative player. While playing for this team, Ronaldinho went on to win the FIFA’s player of the year award twice in 2004 and 2005. Winning the Ballon d’Or is the biggest title a player can win. Shortly after, Lionel Messi began to play with Ronaldinho as a teenager. Ronaldinho saw this young player and noticed his talent amnd what he cImage result for ronaldinhoan do. He took Messi under his wing and helped him. They got along great and were such a power team. Ronaldinho even assisted Messi’s first goal during his debut match. In 2008, Ronaldinho had to leave Barcelona. He then played for another well-known club called AC Milan. Ronaldinho’s old age started to show more and more, but he was still scoring amazing goals. Ronaldinho began moving clubs and now plays in Mexico with Queretaro. Ronaldinho has confirmed his retirement at the end of this season, with 36 years of age. Ronaldinho will be missed and always be remembered as a Brazilian legend. His dribbling and skill on the ball was like no other and he dominated anybody he came against. Shortly after Ronaldinho left Barcelona, Lionel Messi asked to wear #10, to remember his great friend who helped him with his career. The young teenager, Lionel Messi, is now the world’s greatest player today.


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