Thunder Vs. Celtics 12/11/16

The Thunders played against the Celtics in a close match up on December 11th, 2016. The Thunder came out on top, with a score of 99 and the Celtics with a score of 96. This game ended Russell Westbrook’s 7 game streak with a triple double. Westbrook did get lots of turnovers with 7 and 36 points which is crazy. The Celtic’s hard defense made the Thunder have a game full of turnovers but the offense from the Thunder eventually came out on top. The Celtics were leading first quarter and even at the second quarter they came out on top. The third quarter was tied and ended with the Celtics still having a four point lead. But in the fourth quarter the Thunder made a big change in their plays and played with a different style. They came out in the end with 7 points more than what the Celtics had in that quarter. This game was a sight to see and hopefully there will be another game like this.



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