Kevin Durant- The Durantula 1/16/17

kevin durantKevin Durant was a star player in his high school and college. He attended the college of Texas A&M. He was the second overall pick for the Seattle Sonics. After that the Sonics became the OKC Thunder. He also has a MVP award for the NBA, 2 Olympic Gold Medals, Rookie Of The Year, and is always selected for all of his All Star games. He played nine seasons for the Thunder and brought them to the finals with his former teammate Russell Westbrook. They lost to the Miami Heat in game 5.  He now is in the Golden State Warriors and currently has a 34-6 record which is the best in the NBA currently. He did great in the Thunders and led them deep in to the playoffs. He has many records that he got while in the Thunder. Right now he is currently one of the more hated players in the NBA for leaving his team and lost a lot of respect. Today the Warriors beat the Cavaliers by blowing them out. Kevin Durant is most likely one of the best players in the NBA right now but whilst in the team of Warriors he won’t get as much respect as he had when he was on the Thunder.



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