Who Will Win The CIF Championship In 2017?

The Fountain Valley High School Basketball Program is one of the most developed programs in the Sunset League. Their varsity team has some of the best attackers they’ve ever had with Paul Vu and Jake Brooks. Their best shooter is Mike Lightbody who currently has the record of nine 3 pointers in one game. Their Coach who is known as Steve Schultz has many years of basketball coaching in his career and has won a CIF championship before. The Barons have been known to fight through even the hardest of times. They can  baronheadovercome the biggest point deficits. They have won  9 CIF championships before but sadly this year they lost their best shooter, Mike Lightbody, and haven’t been doing so well but next year they have a chance with new players.

But Mater Dei is now one of the best teams in the nation over since their new recruit, Bol Bol, who is 7 feet tall is one of the best high school players and who can shoot and is a great all- around player. They haven’t lost a game ever since the Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas to Chino Hills during the summer. Clearly, they are one of the best teams in their league and have won countless CIF chavmu_logo-materdeimpionships before and have even had players go to the NBA. Their line up is one of the best ever since they are all great all around players and with a national rank of 5 they can overcome any opposing basketball team since they are a well-rounded team and can attack at any point during the game.

In reality though is Mater Dei really the team that will win the CIF championship? No, because Chino Hills Basketball is not only the best high school team in the USA, but the best high school team in the Universe for now. They haven’t lost a game in two years because of the three ball brothers. Lamelo, Liangelo, and Lonzo Ball. They led their team to the CIF championships last year and won that game by 30 points. They are currently         60-1 for 2 years. They may have lost a game during the Nike Extravaganza on Saturday but they weren’t in their prime since Liangelo Ball wasn’t in it that game but even still Lamelo Ball can handle himself. They’ve been teams by 100 points before. Chino Hills cannot lose and are known through out the United States. Their fast-paced basketball can beat anytime with their laser point passes and shots. Who can beat them? Exactly, no one. They even beat Utah’s best team with a breeze and Lamelo Ball wasn’t even trying. They blowout every team they play against. No team can stop them.



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