All Star Weekend @New Orleans 2017

all-star-weekend-new-orleans-logo-2017This weekend for the All Stars of the NBA was one to remember. Many records were broken and awesome dunks were present during this weekend. On Saturday, there was the dunk contest, celebrity and rising stars games, and the three point contest. There was many surprises that came with the contests. Glenn Robinson III won The Dunk Contest. Everyone was expecting Aaron Gordon to win but he clearly didn’t show his true potential yesterday. DeAndre Jordan was expected to do better yesterday too. The dunks were smart but some of them took too many tries. Last year’s winner, Zach Lavine, was injured but he will be back next year. The Three Point Contest was quite an interesting thing to watch because Klay Thompson was taken out early. Klay Thompson, the winner from last year, wasn’t clutch on Saturday since he missed a lot more threes than expected. Eric Gordon ended up winning the competition. Kyrie Irving finishing second and Kemba Walker ending in third place. The Celebrity All Star Game was one to remember because of Jarrius Robertson hitting a jumper. He is a boy with a liver disease and hit a pretty awesome shot. His interviews with all the NBA players were also one to remember since he roasted them and had some funny moments with them. The final score was 88- 59 with the East winning. The MVP was Brandon Armstrong.

On Sunday, the All Star game started and it was definitely a show to watch. There were many outstanding performances Sunday’s game. Anthony Davis ended up putting  52 points up during the All Star Game. Giannis Antetokounpo scored 30 points in his debut for the All Star Game. The Final Score was 192-182 with the West winning the game. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook ended up working together again and they even did an alley-oop together. The game wasn’t serious but it was a really fun game for everyone. Kevin Durant even put a triple-double during the game too. They also broke the record for most points scored in a quarter from both teams during an All Star Game in the first quarter. Anthony Davis also broke a record from 1962 when he scored 52 points in an All Star Game.





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