Playoffs: Cowboys vs Packers 1/15/17


As the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers started, it was obvious that the Cowboys would win for sure. The Cowboys had already beat the Packers twice in regular season. In addition, the Cowboys had the best record in the NFL. Dallas started off with the ball, and right away, scored 3 points off a field goal. There was no doubt that the Cowboys would win this game.

As soon as the Packers received the ball, however, they scored a touchdown within the first two minutes of their drive. Eventually, they were up by 18 points. Dallas could not stop Aaron Rodgers and his passing drive. Aaron kept making amazing passes that the receivers were catching non-stop. Each quarter was passing by and the Cowboys were still down.

By the start of the 4th quarter the Cowboys were down by 15. By this time my opinion had completely changed, the Cowboys were done. Dak Prescott even threw an interception, which odallas-cowboys-vs-green-bay-packersnly made the situation worse. There was just not enough time to come back.

Somehow, the Cowboys regained hope by scoring a touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter. From this point, the momentum shifted. The Cowboys’ defense began stopping Aaron Rodgers passes. They stopped the Packers from receiving any more points. And when Dak Prescott got the ball again, he was going for a touchdown. With the score being 28-20, Dak Prescott makes a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant. Dak then runs the ball for a two-point conversion and ties the game. The Cowboys are back in the game after making an amazing comeback.

With a few minutes left in the game, the Cowboys and Packers go back and forth, both making a field goal to keep the game tied at 31-31. But, there is still 40 seconds left for Aaron Rodgers to drive the ball. Within this time, Aaron gets the ball to field goal range with 3 seconds left. With a 51 yard field goal, Mason Crosby makes the kick and wins the game for the Packers. After losing to the Cowboys twice before, the Packers fought hard and beat them when it really mattered.





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