NBA Update Report 3/27/16

nba logoCurrently, the top teams in the NBA are the Warriors, Spurs, Celtics, Raptors, and then the Jazz. All these teams have been dominating on the court with their athleticism. The Warriors have been killing all the teams they’ve been playing against because of their best five which consists of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the ultimate Zaza Pachulia. The Spurs are holding their own with an NBA MVP contender, Kawhi Leonard, who is a beast with his defense and smart play making. They have great fundamentals and are using their extraordinary passing to beat the other teams. The Celtics have made a giant comeback with winning a great margin of their games because of their top point guard they’ve had in quite a while, Isaiah Thomas, who had been destroying most of their opponents with his court vision and nice shots. These three teams are currently the best in the NBA but with the Cavaliers right on the Celtic’s trail, Lebron James is planning to make a comeback. Kevin Durant was just injured during one of his games and is expected to be out until the playoffs start. The Warriors without him seem lost but they’re hanging on with Steph Curry.  The NBA this year has also been getting some hate because of people like Lebron James who has been resting for the play offs. This should not be happening in the NBA because they are ruining the games that the fans attend.


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