The Playoffs Begin For the NBA

The Playoffs have begun for the NBA and it has been a great road so far for the first round. First of all, the Warriors have gone against the Portland Trailblazers and haven’t even broken a sweat because the Warriors are up 3-0. It looks like it’s gonna be an easy sweep for the Warriors. The Clippers and Utah have made many blows on each other and with Blake Griffin out for the Clippers, it looks like the Clippers may lose this series. The Houston Rockets are up in the series 3-1 from the Thunder who have the best player in the NBA which is Russell Westbrook.  But the Rockets may be overcoming the MVP because of their teamwork. The San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies have been trading blows also but with Kawhi Leonard’s amazing defense and offense it looks like they may end up beating them in the series but Mike Conley from the Grizzlies doesn’t seem to be backing down. That’s it for the Western Conference and now we are gonna go on to the Eastern Conference.

The Eastern Conference has been going well for the Cavaliers with them straight sweeping the Pacers 4-0 and it may seem like they may go to the Finals once again this year. Toronto and Milwaukee have been battling it out but Toronto are up by just one game and it seems like Giannis and DeRozan have created a rivalry against each other. Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks are currently tied with the series 2-2 and it seems like the John Wall from the Wizards may take this because of his athleticism. The number one seed for the East is the Celtics who have had a tough time against the Bulls because of the tragic death of Isaiah Thomas’ sister but he is handling it well and once he gets back into it then he can win this series against the Bulls with the series currently being 2-2.



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