What Team Will Be The Champion Of The NBA? 5/8/17

There is only one champion in the NBA each year. This year was one of the craziest years in the NBA with Russell Westbrook breaking the record for most triple doubles in a season and with the Rockets having a uprising this year. But who I thought was gonna win this year was the San Antonio Spurs. I thought this because of their team composition and how they have the best teamwork in the NBA. They were beating teams left and right until that’s when the playoffs started. They have been struggling and with only Kawhi Leonard doing all the work, I don’t think they will end up beating the Houston Rockets this time.

So then I realized that the Cavaliers are sweeping teams and absolutely destroying in the playoffs. Lebron James is killing it and so is Kyrie Irving. They seem to look like they are gods and I believe that they are gonna make it to the Finals. But they have a big roadblock. The real champion of the NBA and it is the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors will overpower the Cavaliers since they have a lethal shooter like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. But their real weapon is Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. These 4 will be the demise of the Cavaliers since they are the number 1 in the NBA and they look to be champions of the NBA, but after all that is just a theory.


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