Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 1-3

The Cavaliers were in the home of the Celtics but LeBron and Kyrie were determined to get their team to the finals. LeBron led his team with well over 30 points and he was even close to a triple-double. It seemed nothing could stop him that game. The final score for the game was 117 to 104 with the Cavaliers having an easy win. The man of the Celtics, Isaiah Thomas, was no where to be found and they ended up losing because he couldn’t do anything against the tight defense of the Cavaliers. LeBron and his army were running a fast pace game trying to get quick and easy baskets. This was what led them to their victory in game two too. The Cavaliers were up 2-0 after game 2 and it looked like they were gonna sweep these series because the Cavaliers completely murdered the Celtics and it was a bad game to watch. The final score was 130-86 and Celtics knew they were in for it after the first quarter. And with star, Isaiah Thomas, getting injured it seemed like the Celtics were going home after the next two game but a abnormality struck and the Celtics showed the Cavaliers who they are in game 3. With Avery Bradley hitting the game winner with 0.1 seconds left and the series being 2-1 the Celtics know seem like they have a chance against the king. Celtic fans were getting hyped up for game 4 and with game 3 being so close it seemed like the Cavaliers were getting tired and the Celtics are just getting started. The Celtics ended the Cavaliers sweep throughout the NBA and now it seems like they have the power to go to the finals and go against the Warriors.celtics vs


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